Hello there, I’m BayesianHierarchicalModeler, but it’s a mouthful so just call me BHM for short. I’m a… hell what am I? A budding psychologist, with a strong interest in computer science, neuroscience, and the esoteric end of statistical modeling techniques (well esoteric by psychology standards, talk to any of my Machine Learning friends and/or professors and describe Bayesian Hierarchical Models as esoteric and you’ll be laughed from one end of campus to the other). I’m a perennial lurker on more sites than I care to count (looking at you slatestarcodex and lesswrong, and I have a bit of an outrage addiction (more on that later). Philosophically I’m the bastard child of Nietzsche, old-school Roman Catholicism, GK Chesterton, and Hobbes (and perhaps Calvin as well).

I should probably note that I’m a bit of a pisser when it comes to the rationalist community, and the reactionary community, and the feminist community, and oh dear god the atheist community, and most psychology majors… Okay so i pretty much have a bone to pick with everyone.

I also enjoy a good intellectual slug-fest, so if you’ve got something you need to work out in a intellectual duel, bring it on, I’d be happy to be your sounding board. Just don’t expect me to pull punches!




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